Spoonfed: Fresh Baby Food that Lets You See the Goodness

We reap the benefits of innovation in the food industry every day. And, innovation is driven by people looking to do things differently—better—to improve the way we live. In the twenty-first century, our lives have only become busier. Our on-the-go way of life has necessitated that food become portable. Realizing how busy the American family was, Plum Organics first introduced the idea of baby food in pouches in 2008. If children and adults could bring their food with them, why couldn’t baby food become more portable, too?

While the “pouch movement” in the baby food segment has been very successful, Amanda Nesis of Spoonfed saw an opportunity to do things differently still. It all started in 2003. As a young mom, she was making fresh, homemade baby food for her children. She loved to cook, and she would blend up different recipes for her little ones.

“There was something about jarred food that just wasn’t appealing,” Amanda said. “I loved to cook, so I would feed my kids what I made for myself. I would make chicken soup and blend it up.” Amanda would sell her homemade baby food to friends, delivering it to their homes, her business growing from word-of-mouth references. But eventually life got busy, and her baby food business was put on hold until she decided to come back to it in 2014. And then Amanda met her now business partner, Jaime Koumoulis, at the Huntington’s Farmers Market and together they launched Spoonfed.

They decided to take Amanda’s homemade, organic, fresh baby food and put it into pouches. They essentially merged the slow food movement with parents’ (and kids’) love for pouches. The baby food segment is crowded—but people have caught onto Spoonfed’s take on pouches because it is different. And it’s really good. The clear pouches let you see what is in them, and that transparency encompasses everything Amanda and Jaime do.


“The clear pouches enable people to actually see what they are feeding their kids,” Jaime said. “It’s important.”

From organic fruit and vegetable blends to yogurt and even hummus, young and old have been enjoying the delicious ingredients Spoonfed has to offer. They are easy to add to recipes. They freeze well for lunch boxes and on-the-go snacking. And, most importantly, they are really good for you—and your kids.

If you find yourself in Huntington, New York, check out Spoonfed’s storefront.They’ll whip you up a smoothie and you can check out the amazing featured flavors to go. You won’t be disappointed with this kind of take away snack.

Kate Marlow is a former English teacher turned writer. She lives in Greenwich, CT, with her husband, two children, and dachshund named Virgil.