Loisa Organic Brown Rice & Black Beans


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A new and easy way to enjoy this classic Latin dish at home, on-the-go, anywhere – fully cooked & ready to eat in just 90 secs in the microwave or 4-5 mins on the stove. Loisa’s nutrient-rich blend of organic whole grain brown rice and black beans is proudly seasoned with Loisa Sazón for savory, not spicy, taste you can feel good about.

We all like our rice a certain way, don’t we? Customize by cooking on the stove with whatever you like – veggies, chicken, eggs, tofu, garlic, more spices – for a quick & creative one-pan meal!

Ingredients: Water, *Parboiled Brown Rice, *Black Beans, *Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, *Garlic Powder, *Annato, *Cumin, *Paprika, *Oregano, *Coriander, *Black Pepper (*Organic)