Ross Bread + Coffee is an organic bread bakery serving breakfast and lunch in Ridgefield, CT. Everything is made on-site in small batches using organic and local ingredients. Trained CIA chefs work the kitchen, and Stumptown trained baristas work the coffee bar.

Ross and Val Schneiderman founded the bakery in 2009 after falling in love with bread baking on vacation in Italy. When they arrived back home, they began baking loaves for friends in Ridgefield, and then started selling them at local farmers markets. Their bread baking business rapidly expanded and they set up a bricks and mortar store, baking bread the European way: daily, with organic flour and local ingredients.

In 2015, Amy and Eric Freidenrich assumed ownership of the bakery. Not only are they also Ridgefield residents, but they share the founders’ commitment to baking as a craft and a passion. To this beloved Ridgefield bakery they brought a fresh look, partnerships with Stumptown Coffee and Arethusa Farm. They expanded Ross Bread’s commitment to serving the community by working with RVNA, Ballard Green, National Charity League, and as many as 25 other Ridgefield based service organizations, schools and charities.

Be sure to try some of their delicious pastries and breads the next time you shop with us!