Recess is a flavored sparkling water infused with CBD hemp extract and adaptogens for balance and clarity. Recess is meant to provide a moment of reset and rebalance in a day of chaos, or as they put it, “it’s how you wish that 2pm coffee would make you feel,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Their product line includes three flavors, Blackberry Chai, Pomegranate Hibiscus and Peach Ginger — delicate tang, not-too-sweet and easily chuggable. Each is infused with hemp extract and adaptogens, both powerful and natural ingredients that help us adapt to stress and replenish our bodies’ endocannabinoid system, which regulates our mood to help us achieve a balanced state of mind.

The benefits: CBD (Hemp Extract) calms the mind and centers the body; American Ginseng helps you focus and improves memory; L-theanine reduces stress with the help of green tea; Schisandra boosts immunity and promotes balance.

Recess is available online and in-store, be sure to pick on up next time you shop with us!