Nit Noi Provisions crafts broths and Thai soups using pasture-raised animals and organic vegetables, all sourced locally and sustainably. Their recipes belong to the founder North Shutsharawan’s grandmother (Khun Yai), who makes incredible Guay Teow Gai: rice noodles, chicken, and savory chicken broth enhanced with Thai herbs and spices. In Thai, “nit noi” is defined as small or tiny — but there is nothing small about the flavors they are using in their broths, with fresh lime, cilantro, ginger, garlic, and several other traditional flavors packing a punch.

Nit Noi Provisions was developed to offer the highest quality, handcrafted bone broths and meals, created with the care, recipes and wisdom of Khun Yai. They are committed to using only local and organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. All cooking is done from scratch, inherently intuitive, seasonal and delicious.

All of Nit Noi’s broths can be used in a myriad of ways. Drink it in your favorite vessel (mug, bowl, Yeti), season with earthy spices and supplements, use it for soups, rice, stews, stir fry liquid…. get creative!

Be sure to pre-order Nit Noi and pick up at Mike’s Organic — once you try it, you’ll want it in your freezer all year round!