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Natural Contents Kitchen: From Farm to Your Table (Prepared!)

The body is a machine, and it only runs as well as the fuel one puts into it. Danielle Gaebel and Jennifer Bitteto, co-founders of Natural Contents Kitchen, discovered this in a very real way.  The self-proclaimed “radical homemakers” were facing health issues and were finding that their kids were frequently sick. They took a look at what they were eating, and they decided to clean up their diet in a major way. They focused on eating whole foods—and how they felt said it all. They felt better, had more energy, and their kids didn’t get sick any more. There was a clear correlation with what they were putting in and what they were getting out of their bodies.

Jen & Dan Orig

Jennifer and Danielle started cooking, experimenting with recipes and food, and their friends literally ate it up. They began distributing their prepared foods to a community-supported kitchen, providing twelve to sixteen items a week. They found that they were changing the way people were eating, that people were enjoying whole foods, and the health benefits were significant. They also discovered that it was an unbelievable amount of work. So Natural Contents Kitchen began to evolve. They became more product-driven, developing foods that could be prepared and frozen, so people could have healthy veggie burgers in their freezer instead of frozen pizzas for the quick weeknight meal.

“It’s still a ton of work. But there is something special about feeding people with good food that nourishes the body. It’s a labor of love,” said Danielle.

Natural Contents Kitchen now has wholesale partners and an ecommerce business. While their reach has expanded widely, their focus on being farm-centric remains critical to their food. They process food for year-round use, and they are constantly talking to their children about why they are eating what they are eating. Seasons effect crops, which directly impacts their food. When one understands this correlation, it makes eating local foods more meaningful.

NCK Lemony Squash

The co-founders of Natural Contents Kitchen know first-hand what it is like to eat whole foods—and how much work that can be. By creating fresh, whole-food based prepared staples that you can have in your freezer, they really are effecting change in people’s diets.

“Food is very personal. You need to do what is good for you. But if you can find a company like ours, that’s a win,” said Danielle.  Those of us who have tried Natural Contents products at MOD will agree—it is definitely a win.

Kate Marlow is a former English teacher turned writer. She lives in Greenwich, CT, with her husband, two children, and dachshund named Virgil.