Cooking for You—Mike’s Organic Style!

By Kate Marlow

It is amazing—almost romantic—to get a beautiful basket of produce, eggs, cheeses, and milk from local farms delivered to your door each week. The apples are clean and shiny, the broccoli full, the greens crisp. Mackenzie and Chris, MOD’s friendly and knowledgeable delivery team, will come into your kitchen and tell you what it all is, where it comes from, and answer any questions about what the green is that you may or may not have seen before. The only thing they won’t do is cook it for you. So, understandably, it can be daunting to cook through your basket of produce each week, especially if you are not used to cooking with vegetables that might not be on your go-to shopping list. While some may shy away from the community supported agriculture (CSA) baskets because of this, it is actually the best part. You will find fruits and vegetables that become your new family favorites just by virtue of needing to empty out your vegetable drawer!

Butternut_500x345In addition to providing weekly recipes to help navigate the new produce in your kitchen, Mike’s Organic will come and do a cooking demo for you and your friends. It is a great way to get a group together and try some fresh, local and organic produce—prepared by the MOD team.Parfait_500x729

Recently a group of friends gathered on one of the first spring nights to share glasses of wine and learn how to put together delicious and easy recipes. A selection of cheeses sat on a large white platter on the counter: Sprout Creek Farm’s buttery Margie and Batch 35 cheeses were paired with Plymouth Cheese Factory’s Vermont Cheddar. MOD staffers Crystal and Mackenzie worked at the stove to prepare a vegan butternut squash soup and a sizzling dish of Pigasso Farm Andouille Pork sausage, diced peppers, and broccoli while guests mingled and munched. A salad of mixed greens, grapefruit, and Sprout Creek’s Doe Re Mi goat cheese drizzled with Bariani’s EVOO and balsamic vinegar added brightness to the dinner.

MG MAC_500x676Mike spoke briefly about the food that was presented—where and how it was cultivated, underscoring MOD’s philosophy of sustainable, organic produce. Crystal, a chef and health coach, gave a brief demonstration on how an easy weeknight meal can be made in minutes from five ingredients delivered to your door by Mike’s Organic. She stressed that it is really about quality ingredients and simple recipes, which parents especially appreciate. As dessert was plated, Tonjes Farm greek yogurt parfaits with raw local honey and gluten free granola and a platter of fuji apples with Jem’s cinnamon maka almond butter, one guest exclaimed, “That’s my new bacon it is so good.” Jem’s special spreads underscored what this evening was about: amazing tastes for people who care about where their food comes from. Guests happily took home treats from Mike’s Organic in brown gift boxes, including a sample size of the favorite Jem’s spread. One woman said as she was leaving, “I am going to eat that little jar on the drive home.”

 Kate Marlow is a former English teacher turned writer. She lives in Greenwich, CT, with her husband, two children, and dachshund named Virgil.