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Rogowski Farm

Recognized by Orange Environment for its land stewardship & environmental practises, offers some of the most diverse & unusual produce in the region.

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Our Growing Community

  • This is a tough one (as they all are). I remember in college pouring over Kitchen Confidential. My friends and I were obsessed with the genius, the chaos. We would throw dinner parties...visit farms and cook for our closest friends. It was cool. Cooking is cool and we can thank Anthony Bourdain for that. He exposed the deep seated tragedy of most line cooks, but also celebrated food in its most pure, hedonistic and beautiful way. RIP.
  • Hello to you too! 👋🏻 @bethelcreamery
  • Warehouse Produce Portraits #MurcottTangerine #handmodel
  • Vermont Wagyu? ✔️ Meet the farmer? ✔️ Local Libations? ✔️ Badass Celebrity Chef? ✔️ Get to hang with Mike, Mackenzie and Chris? ✔️✔️✔️ link in profile 👆🏻